Are you getting results from your marketing agency?  Or just spending a fortune?

Simple strategies you can use to easily attract more customers and grow your revenue quickly.

A Different Marketing Agency

We do things different at Marketing Hazards. Most agencies charge you thousands of dollars a month. They try to lock you into long contracts with no guarantees.  You spend a fortune and hope something good happens.

What usually happens?

Your money disappears and you see no results.

Real marketing isn’t an expense. It is supposed to make you more money than it costs. If it isn’t then you need to stop doing it.

The problem with marketing agencies is the fact that they are selling hope and dreams. They need growing sales numbers to stay in business. Because so many clients leave every month.

Marketing isn’t one size fits all. Every business and market is different.

In order to get real results, you need to do the initial work and then monitor it.  But a busy agency, doesn’t have time to monitor your marketing.  To do a great job, they would have to spend so much time to get results just on your business. It just isn’t cost effective.

They don’t have the time to devote. If they have 100 clients, then they only spend a few hours a month on your business.

You would have to spend thousands of dollars a month to get personal marketing attention.

The numbers really don’t add up.

You will have to spend a ton of money to get basically a full time marketer every month.  And the agency would have to devote 40 hours a week just to your business.

It would just cost them too much to provide that. It limits how many clients they can handle. They can’t grow and scale without hiring a ton of employees.  And I bet you surely don’t want to spend $5k a month.

The whole marketing agency model just doesn’t make sense to clients or agency owners. It becomes a money grab with the hope that you see enough results to keep paying them.

How is Marketing Hazards different?

Instead of using the usual marketing agency model, I am more of a coach that helps you figure out a marketing plan for your business.

Someone for you to talk to and discuss marketing.

Someone to get you heading the right direction.

Someone who will go over your business and find new opportunities you can put into motion.

For a low fee without any contract we will work over email together to grow your business.

I coach you personally.

Using this email only option, allows me to handle a lot more clients. You get personal attention every week.

We don’t waste time with phone calls, trying to get in touch and spending hours on zoom calls.  It is as simple as it gets.  I don’t waste time with cold calls and office visits to find and serve clients.

I Focus on 2 Revenue Growth Strategies

  1.  Making You Look Great on Social Media
  2.   Using an Email List and Opt-In Newsletter to get your customers to buy more often.

Simply raise your hand if you want help with your marketing.. via email

I send you a quick questionnaire.

I do a little investigation of your current marketing and build a marketing plan for you.

You read the marketing plan and we discuss options. via email

Only after you read the plan do we even talk about fees to get what you want to do done.

You could take the plan and do it all yourself if you wish. Or I can do the work for you.

I can coach you through this affordably because it is via email.

You can email me with your questions or if you get stuck on something.

Personal marketing help at affordable rates. That is how my agency is different.

Because most businesses just can’t afford to hire a normal marketing agency. It just costs a fortune, to get an agency to devote all month just to your business.  And if you don’t spend a fortune, they don’t spend enough time working on marketing.

If this sounds like something you would like to try, email me today. Get yourself a marketing coach.

I Help You Get More Customers and Profits

Get your FREE Best Year Yet marketing plan.  No stress no obligation.

I will email you a short questionnaire that will take you 30 minutes to fill out.  I will go over your numbers and your business for 1 hour.  And design you a Best Year Yet marketing plan for attracting more customers.  I email you the marketing plan for  you to go over at your convenience.

Whether you hire me or not,  you will have a marketing plan for your business.  This is your chance to have an experienced marketer go over your business and offer suggestions for Free.  ($200 value)

I can offer this because it is all via email and I do these when I have time.

Email me and be sure to mention  “Free Best Year Yet Plan”  I will email you the questionnaire.

While you are waiting for the Questionnaire, read Make your website the hardest working investment in your business

Read our most popular blog posts that teach you how to use online marketing to grow your income quickly.


What the heck are marketing hazards?

Wasting money on marketing campaigns that don’t get you any noticeable results.

Have you paid an agency $1000’s of dollars and got nothing much in return?  Most agencies barely get any results for your business. They experiment with your money and hope.

I talk to a lot of business owners across the country. They send good money to agencies for SEO or Facebook Ads. What do they get? Mostly excuses why nothing is happening.

Are there great agencies out there?

I would say yes but not a lot. It’s trial and error. Hope is a good word for it.

SEO Marketing

SEO takes months and months. Even with expert help. And bad help can actually hurt your business by breaking the rules. (trying to cheat) Search engines are really smart today, you can’t get away with shortcuts anymore for long.  Spending $1000’s on SEO is rarely going to pay off.  You can do most of it yourself anyway. 

Facebook Ad Agencies

More business owners lose money on Facebook ads than anything else today.  Marketing agencies promise to do wonders for you.
Most of them charge you $1000’s of dollars a month plus $600 in ad spend too.

To do what?

Run ads for you on your accounts.   Hey, sometimes it works in your area.  But Facebook ads take time to set-up, run and monitor. You have to watch them carefully or your budget can be gone in a day.

Paid ads require patience to succeed.  Agencies are really just experimenting on your dime.

It’s going to take 30 – 60 days of running your ad before you find the right combination. Right audience, right offer, right ad and set up the right way.

Your first ads are probably not going to get you tons of new business.  They are tests. You are learning.

Get yourself a good book on Facebook ads and study up on the basics.
Set up your own ads and test a little at a time.


After saying that, online ads are computer run by algorithms. So they don’t like when you turn your ads on and off all the time. They are learning how your ads perform and what is working for you. You get better results once they figure out who to show your ads to.

So set your ad up. Set a budget for the month. And let that run the whole month.
Local businesses don’t need a ton of ads. You are targeting a small area around your office. Just run your ad for $10-20 a day. And see what happens.

Facebook will find out who likes to click on your ad for you. They have the data.  You should see your ads performing better every week.

Try several different ads/offers to see what works best for you.  There is no need to pay $1000’s a month to have an agency do exactly the same as you could do.

I have a great Facebook ad video for you over on my Free Marketing Membership site here

Well there are a few marketing ideas for you. Hopefully it saves you a lot of money.

For more ideas, you really should check out my marketing course. Right now as a special marketing test I am giving it away absolutely free. Get it today while it is free.

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Here is a great marketing manual for chiropractors but any business can use the same tactics, click the image to read now


Our Marketing Services

Social Media Content

How To Look Great on Social Media Today

Turn your Facebook page on with branded marketing content Daily.  1 post every morning to keep your page active.  Don’t have a dead FB page, it looks bad to new visitors.  Posting attractive tips or motivational image posts is the quickest and easiest way to take care of your social media pages and profiles.  Make sure to brand them with your name or logo before posting.

You can order images from any number of websites with designers offering images for sale.  Sites like fiverr or upwork have them for sale.  It takes a couple times before you find a quality designer for a good price.

If you would like to save yourself the trouble getting social images, I have images ready for several business types.  I offer custom social images and posting done for you.

I post for you so you don’t have to worry about it.  This is the easy way to get your social media posting taken care of.   Your facebook page will have a fresh new and attractive post every day.

You look better than your competition if you have an active page.

I have content ready to go for

Chiropractic Clinics ,

Realtors and

Auto Repair shops.

Email Newsletters and Lists

Let your website convert your visitors into an email list of your customers and potential customers.

Wouldn’t you like to contact your customers 12 times a year with special offers to get them to spend more money?

You can send out a monthly newsletter that lets you keep them informed and converts them over time to even more business.  You build a relationship when you stay in touch regularly.

Email me if you would like help setting up a newsletter for your business(only $499)

Read my Marketing Strategy

A few changes may be all you need to finally have a website that grows your business 24/7.

Make your website the hardest working investment in your business. Gathering new leads and turning them into new sales.

Read the Blog- see if I know what I am talking about

Social Media Marketing Tips that Actually Get Results Fast and For Free

Why You Have To Use Content To Market Effectively Online To Compete

Setup Your Email Marketing Master Plan to Grow Business


“Michael Johnson is an Online Marketer and the Founder of Marketing Hazards. With almost 20 years of marketing experience, he built many website businesses of his own. He has been in the trenches.  Today he helps local business owners get more customers with online marketing. So they can focus on just running their business. “

I have a team of experienced and creative workers. With years of experience, we’re confident to help you grow your income without spending a fortune.

If You Would Like Some Help With Your Marketing…
I would love to hear from you

I offer a free email consultation to answer any question you may have.


If you have any question regarding your website or digital marketing, I encourage you to email me.  I am pleased to offer personal help.  You deal with me directly. Not your ordinary Agency, right?

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With a team of creative web developers and marketers, we have been providing high-quality, fast and affordable website marketing for small businesses.


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