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Get your FREE Best Year Yet marketing plan.  No stress no obligation.

I will email you a short questionaire that will take you 30 minutes to fill out.

I will go over your numbers and your business for 1 hour.

And design you a Best Year Yet marketing plan for attracting more customers.

I email you the marketing plan for  you to go over at your convenience.

Whether you hire me or not,  you will have a marketing plan for your business.

This is your chance to have an experienced marketer go over your business and offer suggestions for Free.  ($200 value)

I can offer this because it is all via email and I do these when I have time.

Use the form on this page or email me and be sure to mention  “Free Best Year Yet Plan”  I will email you the questionaire.

While you are waiting for the Questionaire, read Make your website the hardest working investment in your business

Read our most popular blog posts that teach you how to use online marketing to grow your income quickly.

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Social Media Consultant

Turn your Facebook page on with branded marketing content Daily.  1 post every morning to keep your page active.  Don’t have a dead FB page, it looks bad to new visitors.

I post for you so you don’t have to worry about it.

You look better than your competition if you have an active page.

I have content ready to go for

Chiropractic Clinics ,

Realtors and

Auto Repair shops.

Making Your Website Convert

A few changes may be all you need to finally have a website that grows your business 24/7.

Make your website the hardest working investment in your business. Gathering new leads and turning them into new sales.

Email Newsletters/Lists

Let your website convert your visitors into an email list of your customers and potential customers.

Wouldn’t you like to contact your customers 12 times a year with special offers to get them to spend more money?

Then we can send out a monthly newsletter that lets you keep them informed and converts them over time to even more business.

AUTO REPAIR SHOPS - Look Great On Facebook

Dead Facebook page?  We will keep your Facebook page active for you.  By publishing Facebook page posts  affordably.   Reserve your spot.


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Setup Your Email Marketing Master Plan to Grow Business

No boring blog content allowed. I’ve got a killer post about email marketing here. Your dream customers want your products but how are you going to get it to them? Email is the easiest way. 53% of marketers say… read it

Why You Have To Use Content To Market Effectively Online To Compete

The fact is Content is the name of the game today. If you are online and you’re not willing to produce new content, you wont be going anywhere fast. Advertising without a message or a sales team…  read it


“Michael Johnson is an Online Marketer and the Founder of Marketing Hazards. With almost 20 years of marketing experience, he built many website businesses of his own. He has been in the trenches.”

“Today he helps local business owners get more customers with online marketing. So they can focus on just running their business. “

I have a team of experienced and creative workers. With years of experience, we’re confident to help you grow your income without spending a fortune.

If You Would Like Some Help With Your Marketing…
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I offer a free email consultation to answer any question you may have. To talk with me, fill out the form on this website .

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If you have any question regarding your website or digital marketing, I encourage you to email me.  I am pleased to offer personal help.  You deal with me directly.  michael@marketinghazards.com Not your ordinary Agency, right?


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My web agency is based in Seattle.  I have been marketing online for close to 20 years.  Building and running my own websites and online businesses.

With a team of creative web developers and marketers, we have been providing high-quality, fast and affordable website marketing for small businesses.


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