Attention: Auto Repair Shop Owners

How to Get More Customers

If you aren’t on Social Media today you are missing out!  Your potential customers are on Social Media daily.

Without a great presence on social media, your competitors will take your potential customers easily.   At the very least you want to have an attractive Facebook page and to be posting regularly.

Did you know about 80% of people in your neighborhood are on Facebook daily.  Most are on multiple times a day.

What are they doing online?  They are interacting with family and friends.  Sharing things and watching what others are doing.  Asking for advice and recommendations.  Searching for answers to solve day to day problems.

Never has it been so easy to research companies online.  You can find out just about anything.

When people have a problem with their vehicle, they need fast solutions.  They search for auto repair online.  And they search on Facebook.

Make sure people can find your Auto Repair shop on Facebook.  Your online reputation grows every time someone sees your business online.  You want to show up on peoples newsfeeds often.

Just having a page isn’t enough

You need to have an ACTIVE facebook page.  Because a dead page looks bad to viewers and Facebook will show your page to less people.  An active page has regular new posts with helpful information for your customers and potential customers to find.

Why do so many businesses build a page and just let it sit there?

  • Not Enough Time To Post
  • No idea what to post
  • It get’s postponed and not done

I get it , you have your hands full just running your business.   Even if you know posting is important, things get in the way.

Looking Great on Social Media

If you want to look great on Social Media,  you need an active page for people to find when they are looking you up.  Plus it shows up in your customers newsfeed and is a great reminder to go back to your shop again.

Until now you had to do Facebook Posting yourself.

Today we are introducing our affordable service to do it for you.

Facebook posting done for you

Our team will put together the professional images and text content for your Auto Repair Shop.  Beautiful and interesting posts that make you look great online.  We already have 180 fantastic images ready to post.

Imagine every morning going to your Facebook page and seeing a great post already done for you.  We can post up to 7 days a week on autopilot.

Your shop looks like a million dollar operation.  When new people find your page, they see you just posted today.  You are definitely still in business and ready to serve them.

Our Facebook Posting Service will..

Post daily to your facebook business page.
With interesting and fresh content.  With your logo or name watermarked on them.
Everyday you will automatically be growing your page and followers.
Facebook will see that and start sending more and more traffic to your page.

We make it easy for you. We gather the content, come up with new ideas and post every day for you. We have the system already set up and can get this going in a few days.

Auto Pilot Facebook Posting Service
For a limited time we have an amazing offer.

How many hours would it take you or an employee to do this daily posting and content creation?

We will post to your Facebook business page.

7 daily posts every week for only $99/month. 

That’s only $25 a week or under $4 a day!

Your Facebook page is taken care of.
And you don’t have to do any work at all.

This will attract potential customers to your page and your website on autopilot.

All you have to do is click the order button and reserve your spot.

We take it from there. Create content for your business. Collect all the posts and make a schedule for publishing. Then we begin posting content for you. Super simple and at an unbeatable price.

Give it a try for a month and see the results. No need for a long contract. You can cancel anytime. We do month to month billing.


What do we post? A variety of images and text posts directly related to your specific business type. Nothing shocking or strange. No clickbait posts.

Can you remove posts you don’t like? Absolutely you are still in control of your page. We would just use an editor account to post.

Is there a long term contract? Not at all. Month to month billing.

How long does it take to get started? Just a few days for our team.

How does it work?   After you hit the buy button below and order.  We will email you to get a few more details about your business and connect on Facebook.  Then we will customize your images with your logo or shop name.

We write custom text content blurbs to post with your images.  Next, we put all the posts into a spreadsheet to schedule your daily posts.  Every morning our team will post to your FB page and verify the post is good.

Click to view our –>>Demo Page on FB

Todays Special Offer –  Half Price!

7 daily posts every week for only $99/month.  That’s only $25 a week or under $4 a day! 

Scratch that.. Double the offer.  You get two months of posting for $99!

Plus! No Setup Fee( $249) it’s waived

100% No Risk GUARANTEE

Try it for a month and see the results for yourself.

If you are not totally happy , we will refund your first months fee.

Reserve your spot at this great price now.  All you have to do is pay for the first month today.  We will set you up and get you going.  After 60 days, If you like the service, we will invoice you for the next month.
Limited spots available each month and they go quick.

If the buy button is not visible, the offer is full at the moment.

Shoot us an email to get on the waiting list for next month.

Still have Questions?  Email or call us…  Happy to help.