Autopilot Social Media Posting for Realtors

Never stress about what to post again

Examples of posts we do

The easy way to Look Great on Social Media without all the work.

It’s a system that helps Realtors take care of social media posting using our autopilot posting service done by my team.

I’m Michael Johnson, a former truck driver/dispatcher turned pro internet marketer.

If you struggle with having to find, come up with ideas, create and post to your social media pages and accounts this is for you. I know the feeling, I have needed content for all of my websites. Lots of content. And figuring out what to post is a real pain.

Wondering what is going to work? How often to post? What will people think? Is it even worth it? Does social media even work?

Well I assure you if done right, it attracts clients to you. And best of all, it attracts your dream clients. Great attractive and interesting content is appreciated. And it just makes you look better to a potential client who has never met you.

It is the first impression someone who searches your name on Facebook sees. If your last post was 3 months ago, that looks bad. If it was 6 months ago, that looks terrible.

If you just posted today or yesterday, they have no doubt you are active and working.

Even more important if you post actively like every day, the social media platform will show your posts to more new people. They want frequent posts, frequent new content so people will read it and engage with it. So people stay on Facebook longer.

Most of your competitors will not post daily on Facebook. You stand out when you do.

I know it is a real pain to get done. You don’t want to worry about your social media. You don’t want to spend your time posting content every single day. Let alone creating it from scratch.

Imagine if someone else:
Came up with the post ideas for you
Created the beautiful images
Wrote the interesting tips and advice

You wouldn’t have to do anything. But you will still look great on facebook and your other social media sites.

You can pay someone to create your social media content. But it isn’t cheap and it isn’t easy to find good creators.

We spend over $500 to get 180 social post images created. And it took several tries to get good ones. There is a lot of junk sold today.

With our service, you will never have to worry about posting to your social accounts.

We create the fantastic looking posts that make you look great online. Plus we will post them every day to your Facebook page for you. You get Autopilot social media posting. Imagine the time you will save.

You can be on vacation or at the beach and your social posting is done every day of the year

Why spend your time and effort on doing it yourself. Even if it only got you 1 extra client a month, it is worth it.

When someone searches your name on Facebook, what do you want them to see? Another dead page with a post from last year? Like the majority of pages out there. Or a fresh post 3 hours ago?

This isn’t like spending money on SEO and wondering if it is ever going to work.

You will see the results in only two days. Beautiful images and tips posted daily to your page. Watermarked with your name or logo.

We gather the content and customize it with your name.
All you have to do is connect with us on Facebook and add us as an editor for your page. You remain in control and can delete any post you don’t like.
Then we build a spreadsheet and upload your images to the cloud.
Schedule your posts and make sure they look great.
It’s mostly automatic after that, your posts will magically appear every morning on your page. We do the work for you.

Social posting done on autopilot. 365 days a year. All setup in 2 days. You have to see it, to believe it.

Check out this demo page

With this system there is:

No thinking of ideas for content
No creating content
No finding someone to create content
No wasting money testing new designers to find a good one
No finding the time to post to your page every day
No forgetting to post to your social media

It’s all done for you.

I don’t want you to buy this unless you see the value in it.
Go take a look at other realtors facebook pages and imagine someone going to them for the first time. What’s it look like to you?
Compare that to your page with a fresh great looking helpful post on it.

I’m so sure you will love this service, you can try it out for 30 days risk free. With our 30 day No Questions Asked Guarantee. If you don’t love the service, just let us know and you will get every penny you spent back.

There is no contract and you are able to cancel anytime. We bill monthly for service after that.

How much is it?

7 daily posts every week for only $99/month. That’s only $25 a week or under $4 a day!

Plus! No Setup Fee( $249) it’s waived.

If you order today, we have a special bonus just for you.

Super Bonus – 2 months for the price of one
Double the offer – You pay only a one-time payment of $99! For two months of posting to try us out.

This is a temporary offer that will be removed soon. So don’t miss it. I’m offering this to increase the number of realtors we serve. The more people buy for this niche, the more money I can spend to get more images done. So you will have fresh new realtor image posts as time goes on.

It’s easy to order

After you click the buy now button, you will be taken to a secure checkout on PayPal. You don’t need a Paypal account to buy.

Make your one time payment with any credit card.

As soon as your order processes, you will be sent right to the thank you page. With our support contact info.

That’s it.

We will email you within 24 hours(usually soooner) to get a few details -name you want to use, or logo, or photo and your Facebook page link. All you will have to do is connect with me on Facebook and I will show you how to add me as an editor so we can start posting in two days.

In the background we gather posts for you, watermark the images custom with your info, upload your images, build a posting spreadsheet to schedule out for the next 90 days and start posting to your page.

Now you have to decide, do you want..

Autopilot social posting done for you OR

Spending hours every month just thinking of what to post, creating posts every week yourself and having to spend time and effort every single day posting to your Facebook page. Just to look great on Facebook. It’s a pain to do even I get tired of it.

Try it for a month and see the results for yourself.

If you are not totally happy , we will refund your first months fee.

Reserve your spot at this great price now. All you have to do is pay for the first month today. We will set you up and get you going. After 30 days, If you like the service, we will invoice you for the next month.
Limited spots available each month and they go quick.

Only $99 gets you 2 months of autopilot posting = that’s 60 posts done for you

Still have Questions? Email us… Happy to help.